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Getting your hospital accredited is a stressful task. Also, it cannot be ignored. DWC steps up to relieve you of this stress so you can focus on curing and helping your patients and providing invaluable service to the society. So you can rest easy and know that you are in good hands just as your patients know that they are in your capable hands.



Want to earn recognition for your hospital? Get the NABH accreditation!

Getting NABH Accreditation for a hospital is both prestigious as well as mandatory. It boosts patient confidence in the hospital and is a great tool for promoting medical tourism and boosting revenue and goodwill for the hospital.

While the process of getting the accreditation is complex and cumbersome, our professional NABH consultants will make the task seamless for you!

We will walk you through the complex procedure with 600+ objective elements and assist you through each and every process of both patient-centered standards and organization-centered standards. Our NABH consultants will assist with systems, procedures and software to ensure that transparency is maintained and protocols are stringently followed to avail the NABH Accreditation. If you are planning to construct a new hospital building, we will design it for you in accordance with the NABH standards for hospital buildings! For existing buildings, we will suggest changes to upgrade your hospital for NABH!


Get more clients and businesses with internationally recognized NABL Accreditation!

We offer NABL certification consultancy services to assist you at every step of getting the NABL accreditation. Right from filling up the application form for the accreditation to following quality checks and control and documentation, we will do it all for you. Our NABL consultants will

  • Carry out an internal audit of your system

  • Assist you in preparation of Standard Operating Procedures for each test being carried out in your lab

  • Ensure with the calibration of equipment and lab instruments

  • Ensure that all the environment parameters related to temperature, storage placement, humidity etc are maintained

  • Prepare all the essential documentation required to be submitted to the NABL accreditation authority

Since we do all the hard work for you, your lab is assured of being NABL certification at the soonest!




Get the Gold Seal of Approval for your medical facilities and win the trust of patients across the globe!

JCI Accreditation is the ultimate certificate of providing world-class healthcare. Once a medical facility is JCI Accredited, it automatically earns the respect of the international medical tourists. As such, if you want your hospital to be found on the world map, JCI Accreditation is the way to go!

JCI has laid down stringent quality norms encompassing more than one thousand measurable elements. Our JCI consulting team members will assist you at every step, every process so that your facility gets the JCI accreditation at the soonest.

Our JCI consulting team will assist you with:

  • Documentation and timely submission of the same to the JCI

  • Prepare report with accurate information through all the phases of the accreditation process

  • Gear the hospital site, processes, and procedures in line with the JCI norms to make it “survey ready”

  • Initiating quality improvement system and ensuring implementation of the same

  • Ensuring patient safety and patient care in accordance with the JCI norms

  • Ensure that the hospital complies with all the standards related to international patient safety goals

It takes at least 2 years to implement all the standards as laid down by the JCI. With our professional JCI consulting team, the experience is going to be hassle-free!